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Surprise Thunderstorms for Gauteng

On the 27 August 2009 there were numerous thunderstorms (Which

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US Tornado Outbreak – 26 April 2009

The ingredients were looking good for storm developing for days

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Vortex 2 Intercept

2009 saw the beginning of Vortex 2, the largest tornado

Weather Update

The first update in quite some time, I trust everyone had a good Christmas and New Years. We are now into 2010, a year which has received much hype in South Africa due to the FIFA World Cup which will be taking place in about 6 months.

2010 may also be an interesting year for weather developments in South Africa. As I reported a couple months ago the South African Weather Service installed the countries first doppler radar stations and they have been testing the systems for a month or so now, meaning we may well see the introduction of the doppler radar for public usage some time this year. It may well also be integrated with the FIFA World Cup, should severe squall lines be evidence in close proximity.

Just inland along the Garden Route they will be hoping for plenty rain and soon too as droughts are currently very harsh in some areas and they are in dire need of some relief.

2009 was an interesting year in South Africa and brought some very rare and interesting weather events, several tornadoes up country as well as at least 4 seperate occasions of mammatus clouds in the Western Cape- a weather feature which tends to be rarely seen at all in these areas.

Internationally it will be remembered as the year Vortex 2, the worlds largest scientific tornado research experiment took place. While they did not manage to intercept many tornadoes there was 1 case where they managed to document a strong tornado from birth until it’s death. This tornado became noted as the tornado that managed to supply the most scientific data out of any tornado in the past.

Hurricane season was also noteable, but for it’s lack of activity. 2009 was a very quiet year in the Atlantic and if I recall correctly there was no US hurricane landfall and only minimal storms. Great news for residents, but boring news for the hurricane trackers.

Looking ahead to 2010 let’s see what we get. Tornado season in the US begins in 3 months and hurricane season in 6 months…



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