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Tropical Storm Maysak – Future Super Typhoon?

Tropical Storm Maysak – Future Super Typhoon?

tropical storm maysak satellite

The Pacific Ocean is currently playing host to a newly developed tropical storm system named Maysak. Tropical Storm Maysak is currently located East-Southeast of the island of Guam. Over the course of the next 5 days the storm is expected to move West-Northwest, with increasing wind speeds as it moves over areas of low shear and favourable sea surface temperatures (as is often the case with Pacific storms). As of 09:35 on March 28, the storm has maximum sustained winds of 45kt, which are expected to increase to 65kt within the next 24 hours and continue to steadily strengthen, being predicted to reach 115kt sustained winds by the 1st of April.

The storm will be moving over primarily open waters over the next few days, with the exception of a few small islands. But the question is what it will do after the 5th day, assuming that the storm can reach the strength currently predicted, it could potentially pose a threat to the Philippines. The forecast track begins to turn more to the north near the end of the period, which has the potential to recurve the storm before it approached the Philippines.

tropical storm maysak path

Unlike most tropical storm formation locations around the world, the Pacific Ocean is active all year round and sees a number of storms forming each year. So far in 2015 there have been 4 tropical storms which have formed, of which only 1 so far has managed to attain typhoon status. Last year (2014), saw a total of 28 named storms, of which 11 became typhoons and a further 8 of those typhoons became super typhoons.



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