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Tornado Rips Through Donnybrook, KZN

Over 3000 people were left homeless and more than 20 injured when what is a suspected tornado ripped through the small KZN town of Donnybrook on Friday the 6th November 2009. Severe thunderstorms began forming on Friday where an isolated supercell thunderstorm dropped a tornado on the town.…

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Cape Town Gets Some Snow

Cape Town got a taste of winter in it’s purest form over the past few days, with a strong cold front making landfall on Sunday the 13th June. By Monday 14th, snow had already plastered much of the higher mountain peaks.…

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Tankwa Karoo May 2011

The planning for this weekend was to explore some of the Sutherland area to identify snow chasing routes and accommodation for the up comming snow season. I ended up in the Tankwa Karoo finding something very different I was looking for.…


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A Dry April For The Cape

April has been notably dry for what is often considered the first month of Autumn, at least for the Cape. On average Cape Town experiences 8 days of rain, and around 40mm in the month of April, more than double the average of March.…

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