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Subtropical Depression Dando

So we’re into the summer season now and with the summer season comes an increase in tropical activity off the east coast of South Africa. These summer cyclones that occur usually don’t have an effect on South African weather and tend to move south before approaching the S.A coast line, though is not always the case and storms like Eline in 2000 which made landfall in Mozambique.…

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Is Winter Here?

Residents of the Western Cape are probably wondering, “Where did that come from?” – A very moderate Autumn thus far gave way to a strong cold front which saw freezing levels drop to near 1500m making snow a possibility for many surrounding mountain ranges.…

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Tropical Cyclone Funso

I have decided to continue the postings of Funso in a separate thread, namely this one. Previously I was discussing both Ethel and Funso together but since now Moderate Tropical Storm Funso is the storm which holds the greatest interest to those in Southern Africa, I figured I will focus solely on Funso for the time being, to discuss Ethel, feel free to head to the forums where we have a general thread topic on both of these systems.…


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A Dry April For The Cape

April has been notably dry for what is often considered the first month of Autumn, at least for the Cape. On average Cape Town experiences 8 days of rain, and around 40mm in the month of April, more than double the average of March.…

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