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Possible Heavy Falls of Rain for Cape Town This Week

As we head into Autumn the large scale weather patterns

In The Wake of Dineo – And No, It’s Not Hitting JHB

In The Wake of Dineo – And No, It’s Not Hitting JHB

Dineo made landfall on Wednesday evening near Inhambane. The storm


Vortex 2 Intercept

2009 saw the beginning of Vortex 2, the largest tornado

Storm Chasing South Africa Revival

Storm Chasing South Africa Revival

Sunset at Strand Beach

It’s been a while… Over a year in fact since my last article post, but…

Storm Chasing South Africa is Back

Back with a shiny new website too!

I’ve been working hard at migrating the website over from Joomla to WordPress. The change will have many pros, and maybe one or two cons – but will definitely be worth it in the end. The Joomla system was restricting what was capable with the site, where as WordPress is a much more modern and adaptable content management system.

With the change, the site will be taking a turn in direction. In the past the site has always been very forum-centric and while I don’t want to take that away from the site, as it is intended to be a community based website. However there are other social avenues which have made forums almost outdated. The new system, will have a social feature built in whereby you are able to make your own statuses and see what others have been doing on the site. This becomes useful if you’re looking to send out some alerts on weather in your area that you think everyone else would be interested in, or even if you’d like to say something about a storm system you’re tracking. It works similar to Facebook’s status updating.

There will also be a focus to drive more short, but interesting articles on the site as well as expand on educational articles.

Furthermore, on the other social media fronts I hope to make more of a presence on Facebook and Twitter, and encourage everyone to start using the hashtag #zastorms when tweeting about local severe weather. It will automatically be pulled through onto the homepage here on Stormchasingsa.

IMPORTANT: Please note that if you’re a returning user who had an account on the previous website, you will need to perform a password recovery in order to get into your account. It should only take 2 minutes.

It’s also worth noting that there are a few bugs that may linger for a bit while I fix them. The biggest problem at this stage is that the forum post attachments were lost in the migration, but I will be working to resolve this. Please report any other bugs to me.

Where Have We Been?

By ‘we’, I really mean me.

I started this site almost 7 years ago now and in the beginning I wasn’t yet working and had a lot of free time to dish out to the project. And after I did start working, a more disposable income meant I was able to chase more and in turn keep providing content. With time I have remained the sole person providing articles on the site, and to be honest I really just ran out of the time and with too many distractions, it felt like the return wasn’t there. I was writing for about 20 visitors a day.

In the time of my absence, Gordon Richardson continued to post useful and interesting threads in the forums with contributions from the regulars. His input into the site cannot be praised enough and I hope that he will take up a supporting role in pushing out content with me.

While my time remains scarce, I am going to try ensure that my interest and following of severe weather, which continues – makes its way onto the site and helps provide a useful platform for others. But I can’t do it alone…

We Need You

Being a community website, the effectiveness of the site is dependent not only on me, but the community. And I hope that others are as keen to get the site to a new level as I am.

Assistance in the following roles will be great:

– Content Creator ( To occasionally write weather related articles on the site )
– Social Media Managers ( To update Facebook statuses etc )

If you’re interested, you can send me a message (xmesox) through the site or use the contact form in the menu.



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Satellite view of snow over Western Cape 2 Jul 2016

Satellite view of snow over Western Cape 2 Jul 2016

This Morning’s Terra Modis satellite overpass (10.55am on Sat 2nd)


Storms to Come!

After what can only be described as a dull summer


Becoming a Spotter

For those unsure of what a weather spotter/storm spotter does,


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