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15-16 June 2011 Cape Town Storm

Fair warning was provided over the past odd week in


Helderberg Fire – 16 April 2011

Every year it seems to be the same, a wild

Mitchell Krog – Storm Photography

Mitchell Krog – Storm Photography

Mitchell Krog is a Johannesburg based wildlife and landscape photographer

New Radar Application

Over the past few days I have been helping a friend  of mine in developing an interesting web application for the South African Weather Radar which is provided by the SAWS, another weather enthusiast. While none of this would be possible without the SAWS radar we did feel that there were some issues which are not covered with the current radar data, namely:

* Animated radar images to track the current storms movement and view storm development
*Static radar images with a map overlay to view real storm location
*Historical radar images for research and posting purposes

And since Andrew MacPherson has development skills and I have the weather knowledge we built ASH (Animated Static and Historical Radar Information), you can view it at:

This is a temporary testing URL and will be changed soon after the testing is done.

Currently it only provides information on the IR50 radar – the radar we are currently working off, just as a proof of concept and maybe when i have more time and resources I will complete it for other radars ( presuming the response is good and people are interested in it )

One issue Andrew is having,  that he hopes the community can help with is getting an exact 100km by 100km block around the IR50 radar, GPS co-ordinates: 25.9051S, 28.2035E — from , he need this image for the background which he overlay the radar.

We both look forward to any feedback or suggestions you may have for us.

Developer: Andrew MacPherson ( )

Assistant Designer: Bryn De Kocks ( )



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Thundershowers for Northern South Africa

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Video Footage of Enawo Landfall in Madagascar

Video Footage of Enawo Landfall in Madagascar

Tropical Cyclone Enawo made landfall yesterday morning just north of


Welcome to Hurricane Season 2010

And June is upon us again, and for those of


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