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Is Winter Here?

Residents of the Western Cape are probably wondering, “Where did

Trough Development – Northern and Western Cape
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Trough Development – Northern and Western Cape

It’s been a quiet summer as far as trough activity

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Summer? Where’d You Go?

As you may have noticed, there haven’t been any updates

Approaching Cold Front and Snowfalls

Gordon Richardson had the following to say in the forums section of the website.

“The synoptic outlook looks a bit different this morning (Mon 15th), with the deep low intensifying and a secondary front likely to brush the Western Cape on Wed 17th, bringing wet and windy weather. Very cold conditions are expected overnight into Thurs 18th.

This frontal boundary is clearly visible on the EUMETSAT airmass Antarctic sector, along with a strong jet-stream (shown in purple):

The SAWS aviation WAFC chart for 18Z shows a strong jet-stream (100kts) in a loop approaching CT, which brings cold air from the Antarctic:…p?1=sigwaf18&2=2

By contrast the low approaching Cape Town today looks very weak, though it should make a direct hit and will bring some rain overnight.”

The South African Weather Service  has also issued the following warnings.

National Warning – Issued on Monday, 15 June 2009 at 16.00
Very rough seas, with wave heights in excess of 5m, are expected between Table Bay and Port Elizabeth.
Light snowfalls are possible on the north-eastern high ground of the Eastern Cape and in Lesotho.




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