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Duduza, East Rand Tornado!

Following hot on the heels of the Ficksburg tornado incident,

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Supercell near Durban

South African storm chaser Mungo Poore managed to spot this

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Active Hurricane Season Likely

As hurricane season gets closer and closer a picture is

Funnel Cloud in Centurion

Funnel Cloud Pretoria

I received an email from William Vermaak in Centurion, Pretoria who managed to capture a funnel cloud during a heavy thunderstorm in the area. He said that the funnel began to dip a bit before becoming even more defined and stretching down, but then quickly going back up.

A rare occurrence, though funnel clouds are by no means unheard of in Gauteng and there have been numerous funnel cloud spotings over the past years. Though majority of them do not touch down and therefore do not become classified as tornadoes.

April is usually a month where thunderstorms are most present in the Western Cape due to seasonal transitional cut-off lows which are now being brought north with the jet stream without strong ridges to block them. Though up north thunderstorm activity in South Africa tends to peak around Nov-Feb.

Thanks for the photo, and if anyone encounters such things as funnel clouds, hail, tornadoes or other interesting events I welcome you to email me them and allow it to be shared with the rest of South Africa.

funnel cloud centurion



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Winter is Coming

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Approaching Cold Front and Snowfalls

Gordon Richardson had the following to say in the forums


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