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Storm Chasing Growing in S.A

Over the past 7 or so years I have been an active weather photographer, starting off I was using a 2 megapixel point and shoot and was just looking out the window every now and again for some seemingly pretty clouds as well as waiting for the rare Cape Town thunderstorm to roll in so I could grab some cheap video and possibly photos of the storm.…

Review of the South African Weather Service Premium Subscription

Well there has been a lot of controversy, primarily on the forums of this site as to the South African Weather Service's decision to start charging for it's products. Personally I have been a frequent visitor to the SAWS website since around 2002, I've been through the numerous site design templates that were implemented over the past few years, and I too was along the batch of those disappointed in the decision to charge for products which have been free for so long.…

Caryn Hill – Severe Weather Photography

Caryn Hill – Severe Weather Photography

One of the few women specializing in the field of storm photography, Caryn Hill has spent 11+ years honing the skills necessary to capture nature’s most breathtaking displays. Her storm chasing travels take her from the south, starting in Texas and go as far north to the provinces of Canada, east to Iowa and west to Montana to Colorado. …

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