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South African Weather Service Install Doppler

Most people are unaware but the South African Weather Service and begun the installation of numerous doppler radar weather systems throughout the country, word has it the new radar systems will replace the current radars in time and while some may shrug it off, the installation of these new doppler weather radars is a huge step forward for the meteorological society in South Africa.…

Autumn is Here

Autumn is Here

The summer is essentially over, sure we are likely to see a few more twitches before the rigor mortis sets in, but overall the patterns will begin to change to that of a more wintery nature. Though with that said, for many of us in the Western Cape, we never really got any summer rainfall at all, while we're in a Mediterranean climate and we get our typical rainfall from cold fronts in the winter, each summer there's usually at least 5 or so troughs which dig deep enough to provide us with some tropical rains - this year there has been a distinct lack of such weather.…

Severe Weather Begins – 23 June 2009

As forecast by the South African Weather Service and as predicted by users in the forum- The Western Cape began to receive some rough weather conditions. The weather began Monday 22 June 2009 with light showers and winds beginning to increase to near 45 km/h.…

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