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Duduza, East Rand Tornado!

Following hot on the heels of the Ficksburg tornado incident, there are now pictures coming through on social networking sites of a large, strong tornado which apparently hit Duduza in the East Rand earlier this evening. I cannot comment on the validity of the claims but the pictures look to be real, despite their low quality, likely due to being captured on a cell phone. This evidence would suggest that the Ficksburg incident was also likely a tornado as had been assumed.

Most of the images that have been shared on the social media sites are as follows:

Due to the attempt at getting this published for awareness as soon as possible I have been unable to locate any of the original sources of the images so credit cannot be given, but if you see your image on this site, please contact me at and I will gladly credit you or remove your image, whichever you’d prefer.

The fact of the matter is that while we do receive numerous tornadoes in South Africa, we very rarely see them in large cities and if authenticity of the images is to be believed this will definitely be a big news event.

User Frost911 tweeted on twitter: “I at the scene of a tornado in duduza township. This place is flat”

More information is likely to flow in over the next few hours about this incident, but everyone in the severe thunderstorm warned areas are advised to keep an eye and ear out for any possible tornadoes, and if you are in the path of one, get inside a bathtub and cover yourself, if possible, with a mattress. Shelter yourself from flying debris, as this is one of the main causes of death in tornadoes. Be vigilant!

The image in the article is from

UPDATE: Added video of the Duduza tornado.




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