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Above are some images taken from my cellphone this morning,

Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Erupts – Produces Amazing Photographs

Chile’s Calbuco Volcano Erupts – Produces Amazing Photographs

Chile’s Calbuco volcano, located near Peurto Montt erupted this week, sending a plume of ash into the sky. The eruption, which caused the evacuation of around 4000 people, left photographers in the area with mixed feelings. Despite the chaos and fear associated with volcanic eruptions, some volcanoes offer a treat to the eyes. Calbuco, which last erupted in the early 1970s has given photographers one of the most beautiful displays of an eruption ever, with the plume creating a large anvil, which was illuminated by the sunset. As is sometimes the case, the volcanic ash also gave off an outstanding display of volcanic lightning. Mammatus-like features are even seen on the edge of the anvil in some of the photographs.

Volcanoes that undergo lengthy eruptions in Chile, have been known to have their ash brought over across the South Atlantic and have sometimes been witnessed across South Africa, days after the eruptions began.

Below are several images taken of Calbuco…

Volcanic Eruption Photo at Sunset

Image credit: Source

Calbuco eruption in Chile

Image credit:
Marcelo Utreras

volcanic eruption chile

Image credit: Roger Smith

Light dips on Calbuco Volcano

Image credit: Pedro Cabillos

Mammatus volcano

Image credit: Max Perez

Calbuco Volcano

Image credit: Time

Lightning from Volcano Calbuco

Image credit: Unknown Source




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