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Snowfalls Across the Eastern Cape and KZN

While Cape Town has seen sunshine for the past 20 days, other parts of the country have been receiving quite decent rainfall. The Eastern Cape coast and Kwazulu Natal has seen several days of active rainfall over the past few weeks, though over the weekend a cold front passed over the Western Cape and has made it’s way up north, while Cape Town remained fairly dry with this system with the main threat being that of gale force winds which reached in excess of 60km/h, as has been the case with most of the cold fronts this year the cold front was felt much harder in other parts of the country.…

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May Means Thunderstorms

The month of May is here, April and May have historically been some of the more interesting months for weather in the Cape Town area. The upper air patterns are more supportive for cut-off low pressure systems impacting the Western Cape.…

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Atlantic Pre-Season Storms

I keep having to check my calendar to make sure I’ve got the current date right… It’s only May 28 today and already we have had 2 tropical storms in the Atlantic and a major hurricane in the Eastern Pacific. For those of you versed in hurricane tracking you’ll know that the hurricane season starts officially on June 1st and storm formations prior to the season starting, while not unheard of, is fairly uncommon.…


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16/17 April 2009 – Cape Town Mammatus Event

On the morning of the 16th April 2009 a sharp trough situated to the North West of Cape Town was resulting in some unstable weather with a risk of thundershowers in the area. At 08:15 it was noted on the Cape Town Webcam that a small amount of mammatus were evident near Table Mountain, during the next 15 minutes the mammatus clouds started developing rapidly along the edge of the passing cloud band.…

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