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Tornado Over Paarl?!

 TORNADO OVER PAARL!? Not quite but very close. This amazing

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Floods and Snow – June 2011

As predicted several days ago, the past few days have

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Duduza, East Rand Tornado!

Following hot on the heels of the Ficksburg tornado incident,

Cape Town Gets Some Snow

Cape Town got a taste of winter in it’s purest form over the past few days, with a strong cold front making landfall on Sunday the 13th June. By Monday 14th, snow had already plastered much of the higher mountain peaks.

Freezing levels around Cape Town were as low as 1200m, with a bit of snow apparently reported on table mountain too. As can be seen from the above picture the Hottentots Holland mountain ranges also collected their fair share of snow.

More snow was likely during the night of Monday through Tuesday morning where-after the temperatures are expected to rise a bit. Maximum temperatures for Monday in Cape Town were 12`C which is typically around the lowest day time maximum Cape Town receives. Though it is important to note that it’s only the beginning of June and winter has only been with us a mere few weeks, so things are likely to get worse (better?) weather wise as the more intense cold fronts make landfall.

The current cold front, despite bringing extremely cold temperatures, did not have a very strong pressure gradient and thus winds were kept down to about 50km/h as opposed to the storms which often bring 65km/h to 75km/h winds to the Cape. With a public holiday coming up on Wednesday I’m sure many may be heading to Ceres in the hopes of spending a day in the snow, should it last that long.



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