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17 May 1865 Great Storm

Though little information is available online as to the details

Tropical Cyclone Formation Likely Within 24 Hours
Articles Trip Reports

Tropical Cyclone Formation Likely Within 24 Hours

Yesterday we spoke about the potential for a tropical cyclone

Satellite view of snow over Western Cape 2 Jul 2016
Articles Trip Reports

Satellite view of snow over Western Cape 2 Jul 2016

This Morning’s Terra Modis satellite overpass (10.55am on Sat 2nd)

Cape Cold Front – 16 June 2011

Today is a public holiday and a grey rainy day here in the Cape.  Last weekend’s trip was a disater with the 4×4 breaking down  before we  got to the toll tunnel to get out of the Cape.  With my mind still set on getting away, I got into the old car and just headed off towards Villiersdorp area hoping to see some water flow.  That I certainly found.  Here is a series of pics from the day trip.

A river in Banhoek Stellenbosch.
River Banhoek Stellenbosch

The Franshoek Villiersdorp pass had hundreds of streams running down the mountain onto the road. This is a drive-by picture.
Franshoek pass

A river rushing off towards the Theewaterskloof dam in the background.
River filling Theewaterskloof dam

Tree lined foaming stream comming from the mountains.
Treelined stream Theewaterskloofdam

Brown water river.
Brownwater bridge Villiersdorp

A few low water crossings along the way.
Lowater crossing Villiersdorp

Lowater bridge Villiersdorp

No need for a 4×4 to experience the thrill of driving a sloshy road.
Sloshy road Villiersdorp

Wet road Villiersdorp

Another low water causeway.
Lowater causeway Villiersdorp

Rivulet in the veld.
Veld rivulet Villiersdorp

Final pic for the day is the upper reaches of the Botrivier.



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Slight Relief For Cape As Cold Fronts Approach

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Series of Rain, Cold and Wind for Western Cape

Update    Latest GFS model guidence as well as EURO (ECMWF)


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