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Acid Rain Email

Lately there has been an email circulating around that warns of ‘acid rain between the 20th and 28th’, this email is not a new one and originally began circulating at the beginning of the year in January. The thing is, the email uses the wording ‘this month’ and doesn’t specify a month so there is no way for the email to grow ‘stale’ as it spreads and people think it’s warning for whatever month they’re in.

The email goes something along the lines of “NASA has warned about a possibility for acid rain from the 20th to the 28th of this month, one can forecast this because of the dark rings around the moon. This event happens every 400 years” or something equally as rediculous.

Quite frankly it’s nonsense.

Firstly, without taking weather knowledge into account and just using logic. How would a worldwide email be able to forecast weather when it is targetted at everyone. It would then need to rain everywhere on earth at the same time. Forecasting rain in a 100km radius is difficult enough.

Secondly, the email makes no sense. Acid rain has nothing to do with the moon, acid rain is the result of industrial pollution which mixes with the condensation process. It has nothing to do with so-called dark rings around the moon.

So all you really need to know is this is a HOAX EMAIL.



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