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All Eyes on the Tropics

It’s been over two months since the Atlantic hurricane season

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Cut-off Low Brings Weather Chaos Across Country

As discussed last week, a cut-off low developed over the

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General Update

Spring seems to finally be in full swing as the

28 November 2009

The storms kept coming in after the long drought after I got there. The 28th November 2009 chase saw us targetting a storm to the South West of our location (Centurion, Pretoria). We headed out and after around 80 or so kilometers of driving we found ourselves just ahead and along side the storm- this was in the rural farmlands of Randfontein. We managed to get into a decent position, the core of the storm didn’t look too intense and would likely of just held heavy rain so I opted for the photogenic rather than the intense. We stayed under the edge of the anvil looking into the core of the storm where there was quite a bit of lightning. There was a bit of mammatus trying to form but nothing too spectacular.

Overall it was a worthwhile chase offering some nice pictures as well as giving me a good chance to explain various storm structure details to a newbie who was joining us in chasing that day, and she would continue to chase with us over the next 2 days.

While on the way back to Pretoria we also saw some large towering cumulus in the distance reflecting the sunset, was a nice sight to end the day with.




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