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Personally I am not in great agreement of the global

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Spring’s Here

September is here and the trees know it, for the

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Cape Cold Front – 16 June 2011

Today is a public holiday and a grey rainy day

2010 Winter Season

Snow fell over the weekend on the higher mountain ranges of the Western Cape with the passing of a fairly fast cold front. Conditions dropped to the lower to mid-teens for a couple of days before recovering quickly. Conditions for Cape Town over the next few days include a rising in temperatures until the latter parts of the week, temperatures will hover around 25’C.

Conditions throughout the rest of the country remain fairly typical for winter. There has been a lack of strong cold fronts this season for much of the country, the cold fronts that have passed through have been of fairly high pressure, and even the snow incidents, the cold fronts were not accompanied with the typical sharp troughs which create the pressure differences that cause gale force winds, though with this said there is still a month or so left of winter.

In the tropical Atlantic it has also been a fairly slow start to the season, majority of tropical storms have fallen apart really quickly and have not shown any signs of danger to the United States. This has been due to dry air and shear, SST temperatures continue to remain high though. Cape Verdes season begins late August usually, where long tracking tropical storms some times tend to pose a risk to approach the Caribbean and later the Gulf of Mexico and the American coast. But thus far there has not really been anything to report on that’s exciting.



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